The films (and where to see them)

7:00 to 9:00 PM, Tivoli Theatre

The Animated Films of Richard Reeves
(Reeves/2019/90 minutes)

SATURDAY @ The Tivoli

1411 Canyon St. Creston

1:00 PM: The Still Life of Annika Myers 
During the Dutch Hunger Winter of 1945, Annika Myers traded her family's treasured painting of a feast for rations. Now, at 84, she has found the painting, and she wants it back.

(Blecha/2019/17 minutes) 

1:30 PM: Why am I here?

Victoria resident Julius Maslovat grew up knowing he was a child survivor of the Holocaust, but he had few answers for how and why he lived. Maslovat describes the chance discoveries and dogged research that allowed him to piece together his remarkable history.

(Kim/2019/45 minutes)


2:30 Out of the Interior: Survival of the 

Small-town Cinema in British Columbia 
This documentary is a full-length exploration of classic movie theatres in BC’s southern interior, from Vernon’s Towne Cinema to Creston’s Tivioli; from Grand Forks’ GEM to Revelstoke’s Roxy – and every stop along the way.

(Emde/2017/72 minutes)


7:30 PM: The Bad Mother
Tara Dubay ignites a debate about work VS family when her son accidentally posts a rant she wrote about her husband's workplace to the internet. From obscurity to viral sensation, the scrutiny is a lot more than Tara bargained for.

(Kapoor/2016/72 minutes)

SUNDAY @ The Venue

3622 Erickson Road, Erickson

Community Films: 1:00 to 2:15 p.m. 

  • Pascale Hutton: Demo Reel
    This demo reel from Creston-born-and-raised Pascale Hutton provides a glimpse into her acting talents in Arctic Air (2012) and other TV series/films. (Hutton/2019/5 minutes)


  • Music and My Mother
    A multimedia project celebrating the life of Creston’s Dorothy Armstrong, a gifted soprano who taught her daughter how music can live forever in writing and in memories. 

    (Armstrong/2017/6 minutes)


  • Generations
    Shot in Creston, Panorama and Hope, this short film is a tribute to the joys of childhood exploration, and a narrative about our connection to our bike through the generations. (Fisher/2019/3 minutes)


  • Table Manners
    (Huscroft/2017/2 minutes)


  • Real Valium Ad
    A 1960s-era “banned” commercial for Valium: “Keep it to yourself!” (Wannerton/2015/1.5 minutes)


  • Creston Valley Super8s (Deatherage, Cameron, Armstrong/2019/30 minutes)


Performance Art: 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

  • Kema Experiences: A Good Place in Nature (Oker/2019/11 minutes -- viewing in 2D)

  • What Have You Really Loved ’Til Now?
    Originally presented at the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry at UBC, this short dance piece provides insights into how education both challenges and lifts this dancer/educator. 
    (Duchscher/2015/3.5 minutes)


  • Sun Pipes for the Dreamers
    This illustrated musical novel tells the story of Ramon, a motorcycle accident victim who is paralyzed and living in a New Mexico medical facility. Creston’s Alison Masters provides the mesmerizing visual counterpart to Gary Deatherage’s dreamlike narrative and musical score. (Deatherage/Masters/2019/45 minutes)


Filmic Stories: 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. 

  • The Still Life of Annika Myers
    During the Dutch Hunger Winter of 1945, Annika Myers traded her family's treasured painting of a feast for rations. Now, at 84, she has found the painting, and she wants it back.
    (Blecha/2019/17 minutes)


  • Tin Hat Tramp
    On a hot August day, a few guys are playing golf and enjoying the day. But the ensuing business discussion may not be the business men should be discussing on the golf course… . 
    (Henry/2018/8.5 minutes)


  • Yellow Boy Purple Toy
    A boy in denial on the brink of becoming an adult has a difficult conversation with his old imaginary friend about growing up. (Perry/2018/10.5 minutes)

SATURDAY @ The Venue

3622 Erickson Road, Erickson

Documentaries: 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

  • kwist̓aǂanmiyit: seven days with the chief – This short documentary follows the Lower Kootenay Band’s chief councillor for seven days, providing a rare glimpse into the challenges faced by a First Nations leader (Horsethief/2019/35 minutes) 

  • Leslie Davidson, Storyteller – Winner of the coveted CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize, Leslie A. Davidson talks about her prose piece ‘Adaptation’ — and her husband Lincoln, diagnosed with young-onset dementia. (KBTV/2016/7.5 minutes)

  • Northern Sun –Mixing documentary style with magic realism, Northern Sun portrays life in an intentional eco-community in Manitoba. The film  challenges the industrial complex while presenting an alternate, simpler path of life.(Lozecznik/2012/25 minutes)

  • What is SADS? – A short overview of Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. (Kapoor/2016/7.5 minutes)


Music Videos and Animation: 2:45 to 4:15 p.m. 

  • Worth – Shot on Lower Kootenay Band Territory with First Nation youth from Yaqan Nukiy School, this music video follows a bullied girl who defends a fellow student and in the process, stands up for herself.(Wolf/2019/4 minutes)

  • Dying Day/The Orchard – Music video featuring the sounds of Nelson-based rock band White Queen plus scenes from the upcoming psychological horror feature film, The Orchard (Cujo Game Productions/2019/5.5 minutes)

  • Unique Eventuation – From the Il Cosmic album, this neon-coloured music video explores the idea of flawed Creation — and the work humankind must undertake to save itself from permanent Darkness. (Deatherage/Reeves/2016/4 minutes)

  • Maelstrom and Cut  (Carra/2019/’02/3 & 3.5 minutes)

  • Creatures of Change – Creatures tip toe through a town, representing and mirroring the levels of action we as a society should take in the fight against Climate Change. (Perry/2018/30 seconds)

  • Dark City – A dreamlike black-and-white walk through a central European city, accompanied by local musician Gary Deatherage. (Deatherage/Reeves/2016/4 minutes)

  • Animation Workshop Results (various/2019)

  • New Animation (Newland/2019)

  • Reeves: Bonus Animation (Reeves/various)

  • Tahrir Square; The Funny Thing; Thick Walls and Shuttered Blinds (Howling Wannabes/2016/13 minutes)


Drone Footage and Discussion: 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. 

  • Local Beauty Speaks for Itself
    (Banman/15 minutes)

  • Tracks Creston (Agabob/7 minutes)


FILMMAKERS’ RECEPTION: 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. 

  • Travel Posters (Masters/Deatherage/2013/46 mins)


EVENING FEATURE: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

  • Yard Sale – A family on their way to a reunion are sidetracked to a yard sale on a remote farm where they get more than they bargained for. (MacLean/2019/11 minutes)

  • Film Improv – Jason and his band will provide an improvised musical score to an unnamed samurai film (Arkestral Ki Harmonic Wu-dang Prajnagnostic Brahmanauts/90 minutes)

SUNDAY @ The Tivoli

1411 Canyon St. Creston

1:00 PM: Searching for Emily

(Campbell/2011/93 minutes)

Special Anniversary Showing!

7:30 PM, Carefree

The Tivoli celebrates its 81st birthday by showing the first feature film to play at Creston’s historic theatre: 

Carefree (Sandrich; 1938)

(Open to the public at no charge)

@ Kootenay Virtual Reality
1217 Canyon St.
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Kema Experiences: A Good Place in Nature

This is an immersive mobile art installation by Dane-Zaa Elder and artist Gary Oler; it uses innovative cinematography and auditory remixes to transfer knowledge about the filmmaker’s people and territory.  (Oker/2019/11 minutes)

Viewing is on full-immersion headsets

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