September showing

1/ Eidi by Uwais Ahmad, India, 18:14 min. (International Short)
Two families support one another by keeping aside the tag of religion, in a nation where compassion, empathy and goodwill wins over any caste, culture or religion.


2/ Rice by Uladzimir Taukachou, USA, 5:00 min. (International Short Documentary) Short cinematic documentary film about growing rice in West Bengal, India.


3/ The Fire Extinguisher by Rodrigo Sopeña, Spain, 4:17 min. (International Student Film)  Obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel, Milagros must first ask someone's permission...


4/ The Tree Man by Surendar Saau, India, 3:00 min. (International Short Documentary)  Based of true story of ranaram bishnoi and his planting 27,000 trees in the desert.


5/ Deep Bay by Sara Bulloch, Canada, 2:52 min. (Canadian Short Film) A poem inspired by Amber O'Reilly's artist residency at Riding Mountain National Park with visuals by Sara Bulloch.


6/ The Hands by Shayan Naghibi, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1:40 min. (International Animation) an old man wants to collect all his things, but…


7/ A Long Weekend with May Blossom by Chorong Kim, Canada, 6:13 min. (Canada Short) Two women with a different understanding of communication try to connect with each other.


8/ Tunnel of Love by Pavel Lamkov, Sweden, 5:16 min. (International VR) A gang of masked billposters enter a tunnel. They get lost and crash.


9/ Fixing a Hole by Pierre Ajavon, Paris France, 3:10 min. (International Experimental Film)  Trying to fix a hole to stop our mind from wandering on the other side… 


10/ Comte by Natalia Ryss, Israel, 3:09 min. (International Animation) Juan, don’t talk a lot, otherwise you’ll become bald...


11/ Summer Run by Cecilia Brianza, Italy, 12:00 min. (International Short) A runner fascinated by a desperate girl who lives in isolation in a house in the Umbrian countryside leads to an encounter that will leave a mark on both their lives.

12/ Filum by Claudia Barragan, Canada, 8:42 (Canadian Student Film)  Retired guitar maker is forced to come back by a special request from his favorite musician to create his last Magnum Opus.


13/ Emanae by Fernando Silva De la Cruz, Chili, 5:00 min. (International Music Video)  Music video about mother nature made for "Emanae" by Margarita Silva De la Cruz.


14/ The Cracker Jack Ring by Kevin McGuiness, Canada, 2:00 min. (Canadian Student Film) Tells the story of my grandfather Chuck Joyce who met his future wife Babs while in Scotland with the Canadian Navy during the Second World War, and whose return to Canada resulted in a novel approach to proposal of marriage …


15/ The Wing by Elham Kazemi, Islamic Republic of Iran, 4:25 min. (International Student Film) The reason for flying is not the wing, it is the belief of the bird that had the dream of it.


16/ The Sun Sets Through my Review Mirror by Sam Leslie, Canada, 7:19 min. (Canadian Student Film)  Experimental film that explores the concept of memories, how we interpret them, and how we see them.


17/ The N.A.P. by Adolfo Di Molfetta, Italy, 8:15 min. (International Animation)  An animated adventure that beams us into a world where anything is possible, and the most unexpected really can happen.