October 26 showing

Trailer: The Orchard by Mark Wolfe and Kerry McArthur.

1/ Paul’s Lockdown Daily Timetable by Paul Longley, United Kingdom, 1:11 min., (International Comedy) Paul talks us through his aspirations for his time during lockdown.

2/ Subconscious Notes by Susann Arnold, Germany, 3:37 min., (International Animation)
A film about the inner life of the East German "Wendegeneration" -the children that experienced the German reunion in 1990- the lack of a safe past, which tells of constantly renewing breaks and the search for one's own place in the world.

3/ Grave Site by Angus Swantee and Walter Forsyth, Canada, 7 min. (Canada Horror Comedy)
Grave-robbing Tanya, with her precious hubby Preston in tow, unearths a cursed ring and unleashes a powerful demon hellbent to get it back by any means necessary.

4/ Siren by Christopher Beaubi, Canada, 15:42 min., (Canadian Horror Drama)
Driving on a highway late at night, distracted driver April and her combative lover Brooke are pulled over for speeding by two sinister police officers. During a strange and increasingly frightening interrogation, the two women find themselves under the power of a supernatural force that changes everything they ever knew about themselves... and each other.

5/ Etalosi by Michael Swatton, Canada, 3 min., (Canadian Thriller)
Lines between reality and imagination become blurred during self isolation.

6/ Being by John Graham, Canada, 6:16 min., (Canadian Experimental Film)
Being is a compilation of 3 tone poems that explore 3 different experiences of being human. Each performance presents allegorical characters interrelating in short narratives. Each story is inspired by the notion that art can connect us to the world, to each other, and to others we can never meet or know.

7/ In Human by Léa Rouaud, France, 4:50 min., (International Drama)
Zélie tries to convince Iris to change her diet.

8/ Wasteland by Matthew Ridgewell, Canada, 12:00 min.,(Canadian Student Drama)
When nuclear weapons are launched overseas in 2025, fallout surrounds the globe and society decays. Years later, the world as we knew it is gone, law and order is replaced with savagery and despair. The few survivors fight to stay alive in the ravaged world.

9/ 100% Girl by Chen Liangyu, Taiwan, 3:09 min., (International Animation)
The difference between men and women creates the most difficult battlefield in the world. 
Magical kitchen appliances try to do a little magic to fight for peaceful and sweet life.

10/ Divine Music of Married Life by R.Vairaprabhu, India, 24:54 min., (International Drama)
Hamsavalli tells her past love life to Her Husband "Pandi" on the wedding night. Pandi accepts her affair, consoles her and they start their new life with a baby girl. After few years, Hamsavalli's ex- Lover meets Pandi and recollects his time with Hamsavalli. He also warns him to look after her well. But can Pandi understand Hamsavalli and live with her happily or not?

11/ Grab Twist Pull by Jaime Puerta, USA, 4:30 min., (Music Video)
Sex assault can happen anywhere by anyone.

12 Mommy by Raoul Kirsima, Estonia, 2:59 min., (International Student Film)
A young boy home alone draws pictures of a big scary monster and a loved one when he is interrupted by a loud knock on the door and the arrival of his drunk father.
With a deep sigh the boy leaves his drawings behind to find peace and reunion with his mother.

13/ The Note by Siavash Eydani, Islamic Republic of Iran, 3:34 min., (International Student Film)
The man wakes up and finds himself on the bed in the sea ...