August showing

1/ Lost in the Woods by James Longley, United Kingdom, 1 min. (International Short, Comedy) – A man lost on a hike needs to ask a stranger for help.


2/ Artist Bears All by Kyla Christina May Ferrier, Canada, 4:41 min. (Canada Documentary) – This interview with a "Bear Artist" serves as a tongue-in-cheek reflection that will satiate creators with inspiration and hope during these trying times.


3/ Geronimo: In Flight by Colleen Brady, USA, 9:01 min. (International Documentary) – Tired of dieting and traditional exercise, a veterinarian decides to take ownership of her health and happiness by becoming an aerialist.


4/ I Smell the Flower by Guillaume Marin, Canada, 1 min. (Experimental, Music Video) – A grunge agitation of eco-anxiety built on a microscopic scale.  A layer of chromatic vibrations shaped with plants and a microscope. This home-made palimpsest tries to find the pulsation between man and nature.


5/ Points of View by Sara Pettinella, USA, 6:31 min. (International Music Video) – Ways of seeing are through our own personal perspectives, and a point of view is a starting point for our personal expression, where appreciating differences in perspectives can be our connection to the world and others.


6/ Confetti by Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino, Lucía Hernández, Spain, 2:28 min. (Int. Animation) – Some parties don't end as you expect.


7/ Emanae by Fernando Silva De la Cruz, Chili, 5:00 min. (International Music Video) – Music video about mother nature made for "Emanae" by Margarita Silva De la Cruz.


8/ Overflow by Ruchama Ehrenhalt, Israel, 3:03 min. (International Music Video) – How can you feel what has never been?'s overflow.'


9/ La Primavera by Nэno Bэlchэv, Bulgaria, 5:00 min. (International Short Film, Dark Comedy) – A little bit of dark comedy about a prisoner, who uses different creative approach in his attempt to escape.


10/ Rim Almar’a by Francesco Cabras, Italy, 4:16 min. (International Music Video) – The video portrays the thirteen artists of the Almar'à band – all of them depicted as Chinese shadows that gradually fill with waterfalls, flowers, sandstorms, fire, and fluid landscapes.


11/ Pudhe Shala aahe by Vaibhav Shere, India, 16:15 min. (International Short, Drama) – A short art drama film of Marathi language.


12/ Two by Angie Sutherland, Canada, 4:10 min. (Canadian Animation) – A short pixel art film about the transience of love, loss and loneliness. A planet apart, and powering down, two lonely survivors share their final moments on a forgotten world.


13/ L’appel Du Vide by Christopher Corbett, Canada, 4:32 min. (Canadian Short, Documentary) – A boy ruminates on his life.


14/ Cinematic Love Story by Patrick Büchting, Germany, 3:29 min. (International Student Film) – A boy and a girl are on a date in a movie theatre and dream of being a couple, but then reality strikes back.


15/ The Hands by Shayan Naghibi, Iran, 1:40 min. (International Animation) – An old man wants to collect all his things, but…


16/ Mother Figure by Chang, Chia-Tse, Taiwan, 14:23 min. (International Student Film, Animation) – Drawing from a close friend’s childhood memories and his struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mother Figure is centered on a man and his toxic relationship with his mother growing up. 


17/ Wheels by Mark Wolfe, Canada, 3:48 min. (Canadian Short Film) – Four local filmmakers use a setting August sun and Creston's new outdoor recreational park to capture the poetry and ballet of skateboarding.