Co-founded in 2018 by Creston-area filmmakers Mark Wolfe and Kerrry McArthur, the KFS quickly earned success by joining forces with local artists Richard Reeves, Alison Masters and Gary Deatherage in launching the first 7th Siding Festival of Film – an event that attracted short and feature-length films from across western Canada.  In 2020, 7th Siding attracted more than 1000 films nationally and internationally and in 2021 is becoming an established international film festival.  


Membership in the KFS is automatic with the purchase of a ticket for the first viewing event of the season, usually in mid-to-late July.   Memberships can also be purchased out of season by simplying emailing admin@kootenayfilmsociety.com and providing your name and location.  Memberships are $15 for the year, are typically paid by eTransfer and bring discounts on workshops and festival viewings.

In late 2020, the KFS became a partner with Kootenay Gambling Support in planning a second film festival for the Creston area – the Unbound FIlm Festival.  KFS directors and volunteers are also leading monthly film productions workshops for social and mental health practitioners, as well as individuals, who are interested in producing a short film or video project. The festival is slated for November of this year.

Also for 2021, the 7th Siding Festival of Film will follow on last year's outdoor exhibition success by holding at least 1 outdoor event, with plans to return to our local Tivoli Theatre for showings in September, October and November.


President Richard Reeves

Richard is a world-renowned animator whose previous experience includes eight years as a Film Production Coordinator at Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society, a mentor of super8/16mm filmmaking at the Gulf Islands Film School for 10 years, and a teacher of animation courses across Canada, Europe and South America. He has collaborated with artists involving dancing human projection screens, 16mm violin, interactive animation installations, online animation jams and large outdoor projections, and has attended Artist in Residence programs at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia and Iris Film Collective in Vancouver BC.


Co-founder/Secretary and Communications – Kerry McArthur

Kerry is a screenwriter, director and film scholar with a solid background in film and screenwriting research. Her current script – The Orchard – is in production this summer and fall, which she is also directing.  Kerry also has extensive experience designing and delivering university-level, study abroad curricula – with an emphasis on film theory and history.


Co-founder/Treasurer Mark Wolfe

Mark is a media scholar and an award winning producer of short film production (1998 Alberta Motion Picture Industries Awards; 2020 Canada Shorts).  He is also an accomplished photographer and is currently Director of Photography on The Orchard – a feature film being shot in the Creston area.  An Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta, he recently designed and delivered several media-based undergraduate study abroad programs in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Gary CU eyes fix.jpg

Director – Gary Deatherage

A tenured neuroscientist and clinical psychologist at the University of Lethbridge during the 1970s, Gary along the way advanced his musical abilities, becoming a prolific songwriter and performing musician, ultimately publishing seventeen albums of original music with three bands (see https://deepdude.bandcamp.com). Since 2018, he has collaborated with a number of artists and filmmakers in bringing his novel Sun Pipes to wider expression -- including close work with local artist Alison Masters in rendering a condensed version of Book I of the project.


Director – Alison Masters

Alison's starting place is sketching/painting on-site, and then following the whims of the work itself regarding how it wishes to be publicly revealed. While in Spain in 2011, sketches grew into 35 acrylic paintings, ultimately animated by Richard Reeves and musically interpreted by Gary Deatherage. This then became the short film: ‘Travel Posters @ the Night Gallery’ – a project followed up on with several residencies of note. Alison and Gary have also been leaders in the Creston arts community, launching various arts-based projects over the years, including outdoor film projection on buildings and the now-famous Art Box project.

Sarah Kapoor.jpg

Director – Sarah Kapoor

Sarah Kapoor established her career working in news for the CBC in Toronto for close to a decade. Her background as an independent documentary filmmaker and love of research and interviewing led her to win numerous prestigious nominations and awards internationally, and had her miniseries “Past Life Investigation” featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She was the Senior Producer and co-creator of “Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister” for CBC Television. Sarah holds a Master of Journalism Degree from Carleton University in Ottawa and was a founding partner and creative director of Pollinator Films, which specialized in public and private sector progressive campaigns on multiple platforms. She went on to write and make a dramatic comedy feature The Bad Mother, now available on several major streaming platforms. She now lives, consults and envisions from Creston B.C. and is participating in an artist residency to explore series production possibilities in the Kootenays.  


Director – Marty Agabob

A passionate creator and promoter visual arts, Marty has been a go-to source for drone photography and videography throughout the Kootenays and beyond, meeting the challenges of many diverse projects – including corporate videos, documentaries, films, real estate advertising, special events, and weddings. His stunning still shot photography was showcased by the Canadian Pacific Railway on the cover of their 2020 cooperate calendar, and in 2019 provided much of the aerial video of Creston's Gran Fondo. He also collaborated on the award-winning “Wheels” project of 2020, and his drone work will loom large in The Orchard – a feature film being produced in the Creston valley.

Director – Bonnie Geddes

Bonnie is a local entrepreneur and independent film theatre owner with established roots and success as a business woman in the Creston area.   A keen supporter of film business and culture, Bonnie provides the KFS with critical insight and knowledge of the film exhibition industry and its potential and place in local economies and society.



Section I – NAME


The name of this Society is Kootenay Film Society

The Society will operate as a non-profit organization with no personal financial benefit accruing to members.

The business of the Society will be unbiased in respect of race, religion, gender, politics, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability.



Section II – PURPOSES OF THE Society



The purposes of the Society shall be:

​To promote the awareness, enjoyment and education of the cinema arts, including but not limited to:

Encouraging cinema arts as a personal and/or professional pursuit 

Advancing cinema arts and related activities (eg. video production) via workshops, film festivals and related activity

Supporting cinema arts work generally in the community through the activities of the Society’s elected representatives

Engaging like-minded groups and individuals throughout the Kootenay region via web-based, social media and/or print communication vehicles

Positioning and promoting the Kootenay region as a natural home for cinema arts development and appreciation.




“cinema arts” means any personal and/or public exploration and/or exhibition of moving picture production


“professional pursuit” means any effort to produce and/or advance awareness/appreciation of the cinema arts at an industry-standard level and/or in a publicly edifying manner


“like-minded groups” means any formal or informal collection of cinema arts scholars, patrons, proponents, producers and/or fans/consumers interested and active participants in the advancement of any one or combination of cinema arts awareness, understanding, communication, production, dissemination and appreciation.


“Kootenay region” refers to the established geographical and electoral territories of British Columbia, extending roughly from the Alberta border with southeast B.C., along the U.S. to Grand Forks and the Paulson Pass to the Arrow lakes at Galena Bay


“a natural home” is as defined as a municipality, area or region where the cinema arts already comprises – or has the potential to flourish as – a vibrant set of interests and activities contributing to the cultural fabric and overall socio-economic well-being of the community.