7th Siding heads into third season on high note

film festival poster 2020#3g.jpg

Poster art by Alison Masters

Made possible with the support of the Columbia Basin Trust and the regional District of central Kootenay.


After drawing more than 1,000 film entries from around the world in 2020, organizers of this year's international festival of film in Creston are expecting even more films – and are welcoming them.

"Nothing succeeds like success, they say," said Mark Wolfe, a KFS co-founder and festival volunteer.  "This event is kind of like that because we launched it in 2019 strictly on a 'let's see what happens' basis and here we are in 2021 holding a full-on international festival of growing repute."

Wolfe added that partnering with Kootenay Gambling Support in adding the new "Unbound": film festival to Creston this fall is a natural extension of KFS's mandate to promote the cinematic arts -- but one that will further put Creston on the map as a film destination.

"If the pandemic has taught us anything it is 'yes, we can do it ourselves,' and in many ways we're just getting started."

Dozens of films have already been submitted to this year's festival, which organizers hope to spread out once again this year over multiple outdoor showings -- including drive-in events, should funding come through on equipment being applied for.

"We learned a lot in 2020 that should help us take the festival to next levels in 2021 and beyond," Wolfe said.

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