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Poster art by Alison Masters

Made possible with the support of the Columbia Basin Trust and the regional District of central Kootenay.


CRESTON, BC, August 9, 2021 — On August 23, local film lovers can look forward to viewing some of the third-annual 7th Siding International Festival of Film’s most innovative rural-themed entries at a location near and dear to many — namely, the Creston Valley Museum.


Kootenay Film Society Director Alison Masters says this past year’s focus on social distancing and outdoor activity sparked a brainwave while she was adjudicating film entries for the festival.


“Why not show some of our rural films in one of the most historically rural spots in town — the Museum courtyard, which provides wind shelter but also has plenty of social-distanced space for a safe gathering,” she says.


“This way, people waiting for the evening to begin check out the remodelling of the Trapper Cabin exhibit, the museum’s Schoolhouse and the other outdoor exhibits accessible from the courtyard.


“And if visitors are there during regular hours, we’d like to remind them that the museum has recently opened a Grand Theatre Room displaying many of Creston’s homegrown family movies and historical films.” 


After screening over 1,950 films in a variety of genres from all over the world, KFS’s directors have narrowed down this year’s entries to 89 films for six evenings of extraordinary filmmaking, with the first selection opening the festival August 23rd, and the second viewing to be held at Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery the evening of September 13th. The jury has also selected an evening of horror films to be shown at the Tivoli in late October, with two to three other feature films to be shown at that venue through the winter months.


KFS President Richard Reeves notes that every year, international entries to the 7th Siding Festival of Film ramp up in number and quality. As an acclaimed animator who’s attended countless film festivals over the years, he observes that Creston’s tiny film festival is drawing “genuine consideration from filmmakers working in every film genre you can imagine.


“And on behalf of KFS, I want to thank both these filmmakers and our local venue sponsors — Creston Valley Museum, Baillie-Grohman and the Tivoli — for their support of our film passion. We’re all so gratified at their willingness to help show these films to our local audiences.”


Tickets for the Third Annual 7th Siding International Festival of Film may be reserved online at Tickets are $10/adult; these may also be purchased in limited numbers at the Museum courtyard before the screening. Gates open for the August 23rd viewing at 8:00 p.m.; the screening will begin at 8:30 p.m.


Future viewings (and potential cancellations, pending environmental smoke) for the upcoming film festival will be announced on Facebook and the KFS website at 

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